Second Gold Mine

I have had such great feedback in only a matter of hours from my original post (likely because I pushed the crap out of it on social and to my friends) but I wanted to quickly pump out a second post!

beautiful railingMy second most prized gold mine came just under a year later from my first. As again, you can tell from my photo exactly what that treasure is. What’s interesting is that it wasn’t something very expensive, especially used. It was however something I thought would look incredible in my own home. And that’s a big part of this. If I can break even or profit PLUS find something I love for myself then I’m winning, every time.

What you’re looking at is a nice glass railing that actually wraps around my stairs from the main floor to the second story. It’s incredible how it looks after washing it down for only 15 minutes. These are the kinds of finds that I love and want to keep for myself. Let me know if you ever found something great, and held onto it for you! Contact me through this page to get in touch!

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